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Toronto Developers In China to Woo Buyers | Discover the Best in Toronto Real Estate

Blog by Heather Harris, Broker | September 10th, 2015

Canada's stable economy is very attractive to foreign investors, as we have collectively witnessed in the larger urban centres.  In fact, there has been so much foreign interest and investment in Vancouver that concerns have been raised about how foreign real estate purchases are being regulated, tracked and analyzed. 

To underscore the appeal of the foreign buyer, scores of Toronto real estate agents and developers have congregated in Beijing to educate and raise awareness among Chinese buyers about the benefits of Canadian real estate investment, in an attempt to gain their business on Canadian soil.  Toronto real estate, particularly because of the weak dollar, is attractive not only because of comparatively low prices to other countries such as Paris and London, but also because Canada is regarded as a stable and predictable country. 

Some developers and brokerages have targeted some of their marketing and aligned their business strategy in order to establish their international presence in China.  Others have even established brick and mortar offices in China itself.

Toronto already is an attractive prospect for any real estate portfolio.  Not only does the city benefit from the overall stability of the country's economy, it offers the best of everything: community, diversity, education, health care, transportation, employment and culture.