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Are You Moving to Toronto? | Discover the Best in Toronto Real Estate

Blog by Heather Harris, Broker | October 26th, 2015

Domestic or international relocation can be daunting, even if you have a corporate services assisting you.  Should you rent or buy?  What neighbourhoods offer good schools, transportation and commercial amenities?  What location would best suit the lifestyle of you and your family?

We have a great deal of experience assisting people moving to the Toronto area.  Because every situation is different, and every person has a variety of needs, our approach is unique and customized for each client.

We both have school age children, so we are very familiar with the schools from elementary to secondary, within the private and public school systems.  We can provide you with not only access to scores, but often we can arrange for you to speak with the principal or sometimes even parents of children at the schools in which you are interested.

We have both lived in the city of Toronto for several decades, and are extremely knowledgeable about each neighbourhood, what it may offer or be lacking in, it's proximity and convenience to your workplace, and the type of community which lives within it's boundaries.

The first step is to fully understand your needs, which we will discuss in depth.  Often it is not possible for you to secure housing before you arrive in Canada, so we will assist in either finding you temporary accomodations while you search for a more permanent home.  We also have secured permanent housing for clients sight unseen with the help of video, still photographs, and on-site previews of all candidate properties.

We would be delighted to assist you with your relocation to Toronto.  Please contact us at any time.